For decades, the bolt-action Remington Model 700 has helped shooters create tight groups on the range, bag game in the backwoods and tackle threats on the battlefield. In fact, the U.S. Marine Corps still relies on Remington Model 700 variants for its snipers.

While the base rifle is plenty impressive, there are some add-ons that can enhance your precision downrange.

First up: A sturdy bipod like those made by Harris, a company known for its tank-tough products. A good bipod will help steady the rifle for precise shots and on-target follow-ups.

Of course, you’ll need quality optics, too. U.S. Optics’ 1.8-10X MR-10 scope offers plenty of magnification. A 37mm objective lens sits in front of a Turret Parallax Adjustment Locator (TPAL) system guaranteeing the sharpest image resolution possible.

What about adding a suppressor to reduce your rifle’s firing signature? An anti-cant bubble level to make sure your rifle is stock-straight? How about a bag to serve as a rear support? Scroll through the gallery above to learn more and upgrade your Remington Model 700 rifle (or any similar bolt action) for the next level of precision.

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