The 6.8 SPC round is a performer, and juicing up a mil-spec AR is as easy as swapping uppers. You’ll see the difference downrange, where accuracy and performance matter.

Here’s a list of upper receivers chambered in 6.8 SPC.

ArmaLite M-15A4 6.8 Upper

The M15A4 6.8 upper is compatible with mil-spec lower receivers and, like all ArmaLite 6.8 SPC barrels, has a 1-in-11-inch twist rate. The handguard comes in either green or black. MSRP: $650. (; 800-336-0184)

Bushmaster 6.8 SPC Upper

The 6.8mm SPC upper receiver fits any Bushmaster M4-style lower and comes with one 25-round magazine. It comes with or without a carry handle. MSRP: $883. (; 800-998-7928)

Build Your Own Daniel Defense Upper

The “Build Your DDM4” utility on the Daniel Defense website allows customers to spec out their own custom 6.8 SPC II rifles and uppers, choosing from a variety of barrel lengths, rail systems, gas blocks, muzzle devices and accessories. Orders are built by DD custom armorers within seven to 10 days of submission. Prices start at $1,000. (; 866-554-4867)


DPMS’ complete uppers include a tactical/defensive BA-A3-68 upper in either 16- or 20-inch barrel lengths. These are setup with mil-spec-type front sights and a removable carry handle. MSRP: $604-$684. (; 800-578-3767)

Rock River Arms LAR-6.8 Mid-Length A4

The LAR-6.8 Mid-Length A4 upper come optics ready with an M4-style handguard. The barrel has a 1-in-10-inch twist rate. The gas block is railed for mounting a backup front sight. MSRP: $595. (; 866-980-7625)

Stag Arms Model 5H Upper

Stag Arms uppers are compatible with mil-spec lowers. The Model 5H upper comes with a 16-inch barrel, an M4-style handguard and a Picatinny top rail. MSRP: $535. (; 860-229-9994)

Wilson Combat Tactical Lightweight

With a 6.8 SPC II chamber and a 1-in-11-inch twist rate, the Tactical Lightweight uppers features an Accu-Tac flash suppressor, a low-profile gas block and Wilson Combat’s TRIM modular handguard.
(; 800-955-4856)

Yankee Hill Machine TJ Competition

The YHM TJ Competition Carbine upper has a mid-length handguard and was built with input from Todd Jarrett. MSRP: $1,209. (; 877-892-6533)

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