A nightmare for any officer is a gun grab. Luckily today’s modern retention holsters can keep a weapon securely locked in its holster and locked onto an officer’s body, at least until you can subdue your attacker and take charge of the situation.

A holster is considered a Level II holster when it has some type of thumb break to release and some form of internal locking device before the weapon can be drawn. In other words, two security systems in place.

Level III holsters have three separate retaining devices, both internal and external, that must be undone or bypassed by the user. Of course, this is a very traditional naming system that many holster companies bypass these days.

Regardless, here’s a look at nine of the latest Level II and Level III retention holsters ready for mean-streets duty.

For more information on the retention holsters mentioned in the gallery above, please visit the following websites:

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