The author points out the Mauser’s defective bolt safety shroud retaining plunger.

To learn the intricacies associated with disassembling the rifle, I acquired an American Gunsmithing Institute Technical Manual & Armorer’s Course on Mauser 98 Rifles. The 167-minute DVD covers not only the 98, but several of the other Mauser models as well.

The tools needed for Mauser disassembly are both simple and few. A favorite 8-ounce ball peen hammer has served purposes such as this for 35 years. A set of pin-punches, a set of hollow-ground screwdrivers and three other standard flat-tipped screwdrivers are all that’s required for complete disassembly. I also keep a set of dental picks handy to get into tight spaces—and a bench vice comes in handy, too. A closer inspection of the 98 Mauser revealed that all of the serial-numbered parts matched. This is desirable in a collectible weapon, so my goal was to retain all of the original finish and simply repair any function issues.

After watching the AGI DVD, I learned that most of the pins holding a 98 Mauser together are typically driven out in one direction. The first step is bolt removal. This rifle’s bolt was covered with a varnish-like coating of oil and remnants of cosmoline. The safety was engaged to the vertical position, which allows bolt removal. Then, the bolt stop is disengaged and the bolt pulled from the rifle.

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The author points out the Mauser's defective bolt safety shroud retaining plunger. To learn…