AAC 762-SD Suppressor
Caliber: 7.62mm NATO; OA Length: 9 inches; Weight: 23 ounces; Construction: Stainless body, Inconel baffles and end cap; Sound Reduction: 30 decibels; MSRP: $650

Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) has reintroduced its 762-SD suppressor with an enhanced design that is made to withstand heavy use with cartridges up to 7.62mm NATO.

This suppressor, which has a stated sound reduction of 30 decibels, uses Inconel 718 for the end cap and all the baffles while the original used Inconel 718 for only the blast baffle and stainless steel for the rest. Inconel is far more heat resistant than stainless and is an essential aspect of this suppressor’s enhanced durability.

The design uses eight cone-type baffles that are fully circumferentially welded. The tube is made from 316L stainless steel with a Cerakote finish.


The 762-SD also has a 51-tooth (51T) ratchet mount instead of the 18-tooth mount used the original. The ratchet mount can attach to three of AAC’s stainless steel muzzle brakes and compensators that can be threaded onto your rifle.

The suppressor mount is designed to attach and detach quickly to the brake/compensator.

The 51T design is an improvement over the 18-tooth variant because it has a passive retention latch that automatically engages when installing the suppressor and prevents it from coming loose until you disengage the latch (the 18T model was held on by friction alone).

For more information on the 762-SD, visit advanced-armament.com or call 770-925-9988.

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