The new Cyclops sound suppressor from Advanced Armament is the first truly hearing-safe .50 BMG rifle suppressor that I’ve ever tested. That’s big news. The Cyclops also reduces felt recoil as well as the factory muzzle brake. That’s also big news. Only about a third of .50 caliber cans in my experience deliver as much recoil reduction as a good muzzle brake. I’m even more impressed by the fact that the Cyclops reduces the blast overpressure assaulting the shooter’s body to less than 1/1000 of the blast pressure generated by the unsuppressed rifle. This has profound impact on the mission effectiveness of a shooter and spotter, their short- and long-term health, and their likelihood of surviving a given mission. The Cyclops heralds a paradigm shift in suppressor performance, design, quality control and manufacturing techniques.

bmg2.jpg.50BMG Operations
Operationally, an Army study following Gulf War II concluded that the .50 caliber rifle was the single most useful weapon in the infantry’s tactical toolbox, especially during urban fighting. The first time I fired a .50BMG rifle in the desert, the muzzle brake produced a substantial dust cloud for 26 feet on either side of the rifle that swirled about 12 feet high. Even if one discounts the substantial muzzle flash and severe gunshot noise, here was a 12×52 foot dust plume that said “Here I am!”

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