ABA Xtreme Body Armor

The Safariland Group is constantly innovating with the law enforcement community in mind.

With safety at the forefront of its products, ABA Body Armor — a brand of The Safariland Group — recently announced the all-new line of ABA Xtreme body armor solutions for law enforcement.

The result of an intensive collaborative effort with best-in-class partners, the new ABA Xtreme ballistic panels deliver a new benchmark for designs combining fit, protection and exceptional value.

Teaming with DuPont Protection Technologies (DuPont), SAATI and TexTech, The Safariland Group armor team designed the Xtreme panels blending fabric using DuPont Kevlar KM2 Plus fibers incorporating a proprietary weaving process co-created with DuPont, along with a proprietary manufacturing material called Core Matrix Technology, creating this breakthrough family of ballistic panels.

The new Xtreme ballistic panels feature gender specific, biomorphic designs that mimic the shape of the body and enhance comfort. The layering and unique blend of materials amplify comfort, keeping the panel light, thin and flexible.

This unique design combination also drives the Xtreme’s outstanding performance. The proprietary weave acts like high tensile webbing that decelerates the bullet. Working in concert with the proprietary weave, the Core Matrix Technology comprised of 3D-fused fibers, acts as a backstop, dampening impact and stopping the bullet. The final layer of DuPont Kevlar disperses the energy and helps diminish trauma.

The Xtreme ballistic panels are finished using a thin, heat-sealed thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) membrane to ensure that the panels are protected. These panels are then encased in a soft nylon shell to withstand the elements while enabling enhanced comfort during wear.

Available starting this month to all Safariland Group armor customers, the new Xtreme models are offered in threat protection levels II and IIIA and feature male and female structured and female unstructured designs.

For more information on the Xtreme body armor and other products from ABA, please visit Safariland.com.

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