The Ruger Scout, a modern-day rendition of Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper’s famous scout rifle concept, is based off the company’s Model 77 bolt-action rifle. Designed as a general-purpose rifle, Ruger’s Scout is a special rifle that honors Cooper’s legacy. For those looking to get even more out of this platform, here are three Ruger Scout rifle accessories to upgrade your performance on the range and afield.

Ruger Scout Rifle Accessories

As with any other special-purpose rifle, you’ll find specialized gear for a scout rifle. First, you’ll need a scout scope. Cooper felt a scope with 1X to 3X magnification was ideal, but I ran the Ruger Scout with one of Weaver’s 4x28mm K-Series scopes. In truth, this probably slows down the shooting a tad because of the much narrower field of view and higher magnification, but it also helps with more precise shooting, especially if you are trying to see a target partly obscured by brush. This Weaver scope weighs 7 ounces and offers 9.45 inches of eye relief. It also performed flawlessly during the test.

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Copper was also a fan of shooting with a sling. The older Galco Gunsite Ching Sling, with its three-point attachment system, is ideal for a scout rifle and helps create a very solid shooting platform. It does require the installation of another mounting point near the balance point of the rifle, however. Galco’s newer Safari Ching sling works very similarly but with standard front and rear swivel mounts. It is an excellent sling answer for the Ruger Scout rifle.

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XS Sights Systems manufactures an aftermarket rail for the Ruger Scout rifle that also features the company’s rugged and reliable ghost ring. I used an early prototype to test my rifle, but the obvious advantage is that it gives you a long, full-length Picatinny rail similar to a flattop AR upper, providing much more real estate for optics. This is another great addition.

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