5.11 Tactical WeaPen Tool AR new

5.11 Tactical is no stranger to getting extremely creative when it comes to tactical gear — such is the case with the company’s all-new WeaPen Tool AR.

Inspired by the distinctive look of an AR15, the WeaPen Tool AR was designed by retired U.S. Army Ranger Justin Gingrich.

The WeaPen is built to make quick adjustments and fixes to your AR. It functions as a Phillips screwdriver, writing pen, defensive weapon and four- and five-prong front sight adjustment tool. Combined with the functionality of a Fisher Space Pen Ink cartridge, the WeaPen gives shooters an edge most tactical pens can’t.

5.11’s WeaPen Tool AR also has a counterpart, the WeaPen Tool BitMag. With a total of six bits, the BitMag gives shooters what they need to field strip their weapon – all contained in a lightweight polymer carrier.

The WeaPen Tool AR retails for $59.99, while its counterpart — the WeaPen Tool BitMag — retails for $22.99. Both products are available now.

For more information on the WeaPen Tool AR and other products from 5.11 Tactical, please visit 511Tactical.com.

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