Scope ring and mount choices for long-range shooting.

Not long ago, you had only a couple of choices for quality scope rings or single-piece mounts. Those days are over. More and more precision rifle competitions are popping up each year. Organizations like the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) and National Rifle League (NRL) hold local matches on a weekly basis.

Scope Ring Options

Multi-gun and carbine competitions add to the demand, along with the growing number of law enforcement officers adding scopes to their duty rifles. Dozens of manufacturers are stepping up to the plate to fulfill this need, and now you can find whatever you desire, whether its light weight or bulletproof durability. Let’s take a look at some of the industry leaders.

So check out this list of some of the top scope ring makers in the business. We’ll go over some top-quality gear from Badger Ordnance, Geissele Automatics, Leupold, Seekins Precision, Spuhr, Warne and Wilson Combat.

Whether for 3-gun or one of long-range disciplines seemingly exploding in popularity, or even for just a casual long-range plinker, chances are these companies will have just what you need to ensure your riflescope and next range long-range session are dialed in.

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Badger Ordnance

Badger Ordnance is an icon in the world of military and law enforcement scope rings. For years, the company was the gold standard for duty-capable rings, and it still produces some of the most critical lifesaving tools found in the hands of police officers.

When lives depend on your scoped rifle, it must work when needed, without regard to the elements or conditions. Badger Ordnance rings are among the most rugged and reliable precision-made rings ever crafted. Built to withstand the rigors of combat, they have held optics for every branch of the U.S. military, including Special Missions Units.

Machined from a single billet as matched and serialized pairs, they cradle your optic while ensuring your zero will never shift. Several deployment rifles and my current PRS rifle use them. Why? Because they just never fail. That’s why Badger Ordnance rings are some of the most widely used two-piece rings among the top PRS shooters, and the Unimount, a super-strong, single-piece device, has long been the professional’s choice. (

Geissele Automatics

Well known for its triggers, Geissele also just happens to build some of the best single-piece scope mounts available. As one of the most trusted names among military professionals, Geissele has been seen on combat and duty rifles for years. SOPMOD-approved, they are designed for use with our military’s issued optics

Built to accommodate the latest scopes, Geissele’s Super Precision Mounts are rugged, lightweight and beautifully machined. Extended versions are also available for long-eye-relief optics. Several are designed to work with the night-vision and laser designators our Special Missions Units use.

Geissele also makes National Match Mounts built specifically for use in High Power competitions for both AR-10 and AR-15 platforms. Machined from 7075-T6 aluminum, each mount includes four shear lugs for unparalleled rigidity and sturdy attachment, offering one of the best returns to zero in the industry. Along with the scope mounts, Geissele produces mounts for Aimpoint’s T-series and CompM4, and for Trijicon’s MRO, VCOG and ACOG. (


You can’t have this conversation without Leupold being in the mix. My first set of high-quality rings were Mark 4s. Precision-made and super-strong, they were the best you could buy for years. The company’s hunting rings remain among the most widely used worldwide.

Having set the standard for decades, Leupold stepped up its game just a couple of years ago, rededicating production to the latest crop of scopes for competition, hunting and professional use. Its AR line is affordable and strong, perfect for your carbine. Mark 2 rings are stronger while still being affordable. Mark 4 rings are the top-of-the-line choices for precision rifle competitions and bolt-action rifles that must stand up to rugged use. Leupold’s Mark 6 line is a perfect match for today’s high-quality 34mm and 35mm scopes for precision and duty rifles.

If a firearm needs scope rings, Leupold makes them, and probably has for decades. My most trusted scope sits in a Mark 6 mount. It has for years, and the setup has taken some serious abuse. Leupold remains one of the most trusted ring manufacturers in the world, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. (

Seekins Precision

Seekins Precision holds a special place in my world. Glen Seekins started this company out of his garage, using a borrowed lathe, at about the same time I became a law enforcement countersniper. His first products were scope rings that he built out of necessity. He just could not find what he needed at an affordable price. I used his rings on the first top-tier scope I could afford. Crafted from aluminum, they were lightweight and strong at the time, and since then, Seekins Precision has grown into a multi-million-dollar company that builds some of the best rifle you can buy. The new Havak bolt-action rifle, for example, has been incredibly successful in a very crowded market.

But the company still makes scope rings, and I recently had the chance to test Seekins’ latest Monolithic Extended Mount (MXM) cantilever scope mount. CNC-machined from 7075-T6 aluminum, it features some of the sleekest lines on any mount today. Nothing hangs off the side to interfere with bolts, ejection ports or scope levers. It is the only mount so far that’s provided a full range of use with my Bushnell Elite Tactical SMRS II Pro scope. Everything Seekins Precision makes is of top quality without being expensive, which is exactly why the company was started in the first place. (


Spuhr mounts are the most popular single-piece mounts for the top shooters on the PRS circuit, and no other mounts come close. They have ruled that world for years now. Spuhr mounts show extreme attention to detail, with clean lines and well-thought-out features. Each contains a precision level for long-distance shooting. A unique cap design ensures the greatest amount of adhesion with the least amount of pressure, and the company offers mounting systems so you can add a reflex sight, an external level, angle measurements and even laser rangefinders or designators to your scope.

Spuhr’s centered and cantilevered mounts accommodate almost any scope diameter. The Hunting Series offers the company’s attention to detail in a lighter, slimmer platform. Spuhr also offers some of the nicest mounts for Aimpoint Micro and Trijicon MRO sights. Everything it makes is literally a piece of art in terms of its precise machining and attention to detail. But consider it practical and functional art, as proven by Spuhr’s first-choice status among the top rifle competitors in the world. (


Warne really stepped up its game in the last few years, enough so that the company secured the position as the official PRS ring and mount supplier with the Skyline series. Designed from the ground up for use on precision rifles, Warne’s Skyline accessories are a complete system, including one-piece mounts and bipods. Machined from 7075-T6 aluminum, the mounts use two integral lugs and four mounting screws to handle the rigors of a precision rifle match, no matter the caliber. Other accessories include data card mounts and removable levels.

Warne’s XSKEL series AR mounts can often be seen at competitions around the country. Precisely machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, they are available in common scope diameters in bolt-on and quick-release configurations. Warne offers them in black for your tactical or modern sporting rifle (MSR) or red if you want to stand out at your local match.

Finally, the company’s Mountain Tech Rings are perfect for long hunts because they’re light yet strong, and the Maxima Fixed Rings bring extra strength to the tactical rifle world. These are just a few of the company’s offerings. Check out Warne’s website to learn more. (

Wilson Combat

Wilson Combat is renowned for its high quality, born of the perfectionism demonstrated by its founder, Bill Wilson. Bill demands the best for his products, and if he can’t find what he wants, he makes it himself. This has led to dozens of top-tier pistols, rifles, shotguns and other accessories.

One of my earliest conversations with Bill was about his scope mounts. He wasn’t happy with what was out there, so he started making his own line of rings and cantilever mounts. Each has been thoroughly tested in the field to meet the highest standards. Wilson’s Ultralight rings absolutely deserve that name while being durable and sleek—perfect for any hunting rifle. If you are looking for a light AR scope mount, the V3 Ultralight is just the ticket. The Bullet Proof Mount is super-strong and was designed for the hardest-hitting calibers, like Wilson’s own .458 HAM’R. Those needing the ability to remove their mount easily can look to the Accu-Rizer, with its large star-shaped release wheel. If your quality rifle needs rings or a mount, Wilson Combat surely has them, and you can be certain they will be as lightweight and strong as they can be made. (

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