We’ve all seen live-fire demos before. A guy tests his plate carrier out and takes a round with a revolver or some such. Or that time the CEO of Bulletproof Everyone shot himself in the side wearing a bulletproof jacket. There have been several throughout the years. However, few capture the intensity of the moment, and the execution of the product, quite like this video we found from Ballistic Glass & Armor Solutions.

Ballistic Glass & Armor Solutions

Based in Addison, Texas, Ballistic Glass & Armor Solutions manufactures transparent and opaque armor for windows, doors and walls, both residential and commercial. From ballistic walls to hurricane glass, the company offers several different types of security and life-saving products.

We stumbled across a product demo video displaying the company’s ballistic glass in action. And boy is it impressive. With pure Texas swagger, Michael Blackmore struts into a demo booth, the company’s clear ballistic glass the only thing separating him and the muzzle of a gun.

“No matter what threat you’re concerned about, we have window, door, wall or body armor solutions to keep you safe,” Blackmore begins. “Saving lives and protecting assets is what we do. And we stand behind our products …

Then footage shows three bullet impacts smack into the glass. The bullets smash into craters, featuring a seemingly large-diameter crater. The streaking or spiderweb effect in the glass can be seen, though impressively the entire pane of glass maintains its integrity.

“… or we would not offer them to you,” Blackmore concludes. A team of onlookers cheer and exclaim offscreen. We presume a grip then runs in off camera just to carry out Michael Blackmore’s giant cojones. God bless Texas.

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