B.E. Meyers has announced that its Modular Advanced Weapon Laser (MAWL) will soon be available in tacticool flat dark earth.

An infrared and visible green aiming and illumination laser for individual carbines, the FDE MAWL device features all the same specs, ergonomics and modularity found in the standard black MAWL. The new FDE color applies to all versions of the MAWL, including the military and law enforcement-specific MAWL-DA and the MAWL-CLAD (which sports a short-wave infrared laser pointer), and the MAWL-C1+, which is the civilian-legal model.

As the presser notes, the MAWL system offers “seamless transitions in divergence as well as power output to adapt to environmental demands.” It boasts preset short, mid and long range power settings in both IR and green, offering a platform that can be easily adjusted by the end user without having to change shooting positions.

The FDE MAWL is available now for pre-order and is expected to start shipping in January 2018. The press release doesn’t mention the price, except to say that it’s the same as the standard model. The civilian-legal MAWL-C1+ is listed at $2,500.

For more, go to, and watch the humorous video hyping the FDE MAWL below.

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