Boyds' At-One Thumbhole

Boyds’ Gunstocks recently announced the release of its newest gunstock line, the At-One Thumbhole. The At-One Thumbhole combines user adjustability, Boyds’ hardwood materials and the unique thumbhole design.

The At-One guns enables shooters the ability to adjust the butt and comb fo the stock with the push of a button. The quick-change design allows users to adjust for comfort and precision fit in an instant. Meanwhile, the thumbhole design adds to comfort and increases grip, according to Boyd’s. However, it’s the combination of those features that make the At-One Thumbhole distinctive.

Boyds’ Gunstocks At-One Thumbhole Features

“We’re thrilled with the performance of the At-One Thumbhole stocks,” said Dustin Knutson, General Manager. “We knew we were deploying something truly great during development and couldn’t wait to get the technology to market. These stocks are truly game changers and are helping people around the world customize their firearms and improve their own shooting performance. To say they hit the mark would be a major understatement. But we’re not done yet. Boyds’ will continue to push the envelope for shooting performance. The best is yet to come.”

Boyds’ Gunstocks builds all of its models from genuine hardwood. Further, the company claims it only uses top-grade hardwoods built to precise specifications. Boyds’ stocks are also engineered to fit each specific gun model to deliver performance and accuracy.

Users can build and customize the stock of their choosing. With endless shape and color options, you’re sure to find the perfect combination to turn your firearm into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Whether you’re going for simple and subtle or bright and bold, your firearm will make a statement and become a true reflection of your individual personality. Join the thousands of shooters who are enjoying the look and performance of the ultimate in firearm upgrades with the new At-One Thumbhole from Boyds’ Gunstocks.

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