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UPDATE: The original version of this story stated that Brownells had begun shipping standard-capacity magazines (often referred to as “high-capacity” by the media and anti-gunners) to California residents. Since then, Brownells has pulled all orders of standard-capacity to California residents. Here’s the exact explanation from Brownells on AmmoLand:

“Initially, our review of the recent Duncan v. Becerra 9th Circuit Court ruling led us to believe we could ship standard capacity magazines to California residents immediately. Upon further legal review, however, we are not able to begin shipping right now.

Why isn’t Brownells shipping standard capacity magazines to California now?

  • Although the recent ruling in Duncan v. Becerra case would seem to allow for shipment of standard capacity magazines to begin immediately, the legal transfer/possession of standard capacity magazines in California cannot happen until the case’s mandate has been filed, for which it has not been yet. Essentially, California law remains unchanged until the case’s mandate has been filed.

What is happening with your order?

  • All standard capacity magazine orders for California are being placed on hold. With that said though, we are holding your place in line and will ship your order immediately upon the mandate’s filing. We will provide you with updates on your order as developments unfold. I will also do my best to update you guys as I can.


Well, that didn’t take long at all. Brownells just announced it resumed selling standard-capacity magazines to California residents, following the recent big win in court. California’s 9th Circuit court ruled Friday that a previous ban on “high-capacity” magazines—what most of us consider standard capacity—was unconstitutional.

Brownells Resumes High-Capacity Magazines to California

Of course, we’re all talking about the same thing here. We in the firearm industry like to call 30-round mags and below standard. Cause, well, that’s what they are. Meanwhile, in terms of gun control and most regulations out there, 10 rounds and above become “high-capacity” in public parlance.

Either way, since the historic ruling in Duncan v Becerra called the ban an infringement on people’s ability to practice self-defense, the gold rush is on. Brownells resumed selling its full lineup of rifle, pistol and shotgun magazines to all Cali customers. So don’t sleep on it.

“California’s near-categorical ban of LCMs strikes at the core of the Second Amendment — the right to armed self-defense. Armed self-defense is a fundamental right rooted in tradition and the text of the Second Amendment. Indeed, from pre-colonial times to today’s post-modern era, the right to defend hearth and home has remained paramount,” wrote Judge Kenneth K. Lee.

So whether you need a 30-round PMAG, a 33-round Glock mag, or anything previously restricted, Brownells now offers its entire inventory of high-capacity magazines once again to California residents. For more information on AR-15, AK-47 and other commonly-owned semi-auto rifle and pistol magazines, please visit

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