Installing a new sight to your firearm can be a pain. Well, Brownells wanted to make a common hassle as easy as possible, which is why it develop the MGW Sight Pro.

The Main Sight Tool of the Sight Pro now comes with the 30-degree pusher block for Glock and HK sights

The Sight Pro uses a unique clamping shoe design, plus four slide support pads and a white nylon spacer block to lock the slide in place while adjusting or replacing sights. Two cuts on the lower section of the tool allow users to lock it in a bench vise.

Brownells sight tool was recently redesigned to make it easier to swap out the pusher blocks. Shoes do not come with Sight Tool.

As far as the slide shoe goes, the unique clamping shoes are firearm specific. They work with the MGW Sight Pro.

The Main Sight Tool retails for $351.99 and is available now. Additional parts, such as the 30-Degree Assembly Block and the Slide Shoes can be purchased separately.

For more information on the MGW Sight Pro and other products from Brownells, please visit

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