C Products DuraMag

C Products Defense announced the company is making its Duramag available to the North American civilian market. Moreover, built previously for military, the Duramag is desgined to run effectively in harsh conditions, according to C Products.

Duramag Features

C Products says metal has always provided a superior material for magazine body construction. However, stagnation in development pushed many consumers to polymer designs, according to the company. But C Products claims the Duramag’s next-generation technology delivers features that equate to reliability and strength.

Some polymer magazines prove sensitive to temperature and humidity. But the magazine design features increased residual strength without those sensitivities, according to C Products. The company says it uses advanced geometries and manufacturing techniques during manufacturing.

The company’s Advanced Geometry Follower (AGF) retains proper alignment at every round count, according to C Products. Also, the proprietary LiplLock design and EverFlex spring improve round retention throughout the round count as well.

The 5.56/.223 DuraMag SS utilizes 410 stainless steel construction for maximum durability. The magazine comes in five, 10 and 30-round capacities. Meanwhile, the magazine features a T-360 total coating technology, both inside and out. The company’s Post & Hole technology adds strength, durability and robotically welded precision.

All C Products Defense and DuraMag products are built in the United States. For further information, visit dura-mag.com.

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