The CMC Suppressor Optimized Enhanced BCG comes built for the new 6mm ARC.

The Hornady 6mm ARC just keeps generating headlines. With each day comes new announcements for new products. Yesterday we reported more than 20 rifles coming out in 6mm ARC. Now CMC Triggers releases a Suppressor Optimized Enhanced BCG.

CMC Triggers Suppressor Optimized Enhanced BCG

The new CMC Triggers carrier assembly utilizes a flared rear, designed to reduce tilt/cant during recoil. It features fewer points of contact, resulting in less friction as well by dramatically relocating key bearing surfaces. Meanwhile, an increase in mass ensure proper gas pressures and increases dwell time, according to CMC. It also improves extraction while shooting suppressed or through an SBR.

The carrier features case-hardened 8620 steel. Three ports allow pressure to escape, and it wears a Black Nitride finish. Optimized for suppressor use, it attaches with grade 8 hardware, torqued and staked into a milled “valley: around a fully encased ejection port area, according to CMC.

The bolt assembly comes as a true Mil-Spec part. All external surfaces are CNC ground and heated treated for fit. And of course this bolt comes machined to 6mm ARC specifications.

The bolt features comes with critical dimensions held to .0005-inch, according to CNC. It also employs a Black Nitride, low-friction coating.

The Suppressor Optimized Enhanced BCG retails for $199.99. For more information, visit

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