CTS Mod X Hostage

Complete Target Solutions (CTS Targets) recently releases its newest target system, the Mod X series of reactive targets. The system comes in several configurations, the latest dubbed the CTS Mod X Hostage. The CTS Mod X Hostage really delivers a plethora of shooting challenges into one reactive target system.

CTS Mod X Hostage Features

The fully-welded base features legs that are both slim and angled. This leg design increases stability while decreasing potential damage from errant shots, according to CTS Targets. The Mod X system features a modular design. It ranges in weight and size, from the 70-pound Hostage Mod X, to the advanced 142-pound Triple Thread Mod X. Further, individual pieces offer the ability to change, modify and build out your system. CTS Targets also offers complete kits to fit your system.

For recreational shooters, the Mod X Hostage system delivers a full shooting gallery in a single target array. And with multiple types and sizes of targets, the system should provide loads of shooting fun in that role.

However, for tactical or competitive shooters, there’s plenty of training options built into this system. With different size plates, the target offers the ability to shoot extremely fast, then transition to harder, slower targets. Further, spinners require shooters to build visual patience and accuracy. Meanwhile, hostage target designs deliver yet another transition element along with the added difficulty of a smaller, well-aimed shot placement requirement. Throw in accessory target swaps, and the possibilities are limitless with this system.

CTS Mod X Hostage Specifications

  • Height: 64 inches
  • Overall Footprint: 28×28 inches
  • Width w/Spinners: 51 inches
  • Overall Weight: 70-142 pounds
  • MSRP: Options start at $399.99

For more information, visit ctstargets.com.

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