Mission First Tactical Decorated Extreme Duty Magazines feature patriotic scenes.

Mission First Tactical recently announced its latest rifle/carbine accessory, the MFT Decorated Extreme Duty 5.56 Polymer Magazine. Designed for the AR-15/M4 platform, the Decorated Extreme Duty mag also accommodates a wide range of non-AR/M4-style arms as well. But what really sets this magazine line apart is the images, both standard and custom.

MFT Decorated Extreme Duty Magazines

A unique process provides photographic quality images in a rugged chemical, scratch-resistant image. Mission First Tactical images offered include American Flag M1, Betsy Ross Flag, Blue Line American Flag 1, Gadsden Flag, Join or Die, Punisher Skull Splatter White and Distressed American Punisher Skull. Each week, MFT will offer a limited-edition design as a giveaway and a limited-edition sale through its social media channels.

The Decorated Extreme Duty mags utilize the newest material technology and processes. Next-generation long glass fiber polymer construction offers structural performance in strength, durability and stiffness. The stiffness allows the magazine to maintain its integrity without additional weight. As an additional benefit, it delivers top performance at elevated temperatures. The longer-length reinforcing fibers produce increased strength and prevents deformation and polymer fatigue.

Additionally, the Extreme Duty mag offers increased durability through a more efficient energy transfer between the polymer and the longer fiber filaments during an impact, according to MFT. A long-life USGI-spec stainless steel spring is corrosion resistant. The four-way, anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower keeps the rounds aligned. It also keeps mag feeding consistent and reliable, while virtually eliminating jambs.

The mags feature a ribbed gripping surface on the front and rear. Meanwhile, an oversized bolt catch provides enhanced reliability. The flared floor plate allows for an easier grip during loading. An easy marking paint dox matrix and tool-less disassembly rounds out the features.

Decorated Extreme Duty Magazines Specifications

  • Overall Height: 7.494 inches
  • Width: .940”
  • Overall Length: 2.525 inches
  • Color: American Flag M1, Texas State with Flag, Punisher Skull Splatter White, Distressed American Punisher Skull, or personal image selection
  • MSRP: $24.99

For more information on Mission First Tactical, visit missionfirsttactical.com.

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