Strongarm Pistol Tube

DoubleStar recently announced the debut of its latest AR aftermarket component, the Strongarm Pistol Tube. The pistol buffer tube works as a standalone product or paired with the company’s highly successful Strongarm Pistol Brace.

DoubleStar Strongarm Pistol Tube Features

Firstly, the Strongarm Pistol Tube is a pistol buffer tube that incorporates a non-rotating QD swivel pocket in the rear of the tube. Additionally, the tube incorporates DoubleStar’s SOCOM Lock Nut system to eliminate any chance of the tube coming loose during use, according to DoubleStar.

DoubleStar constructs the Strongarm Pistol Tube from 6061 T6 aluminum. Also, the company hard coat anodizes the tube. Additionally, the tube features an overall outside diameter of 1.19 inches.

DoubleStar Strongarm Pistol Tube Specifications

  • Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Hard Coat Anodized
  • Lock System: Ace SOCOM Lock Nut
  • Overall Outside Diameter: 1.19 inches
  • Features: Non-Rotating Quick Detach Swivel Pocket
  • Can be used alone or with Strongarm Pistol Brace
  • MSRP: $59.99

DoubleStar Strongarm Pistol Brace

Last March, Tactical-Life reported DoubleStar completely sold out of the then-new Strongarm Pistol Brace almost immediately. Also constructed of 6061 aluminum, DoubleStar claims the construction delivers an advantage over plastic or soft foam competitors.

“With the popularity of pistol stabilizing braces on the rise, there are many that make the shooting experience less desirable because of poor materials or faulty production,” Nick Collier, director of special operations for DoubleStar, said. “We at DoubleStar know that people rely on our products, whether it is because they are military, law enforcement or serious competitors; therefore, it is extremely important to us that every part is carefully designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility using only the materials and technology that will ensure our DoubleStar and Ace products will perform to our stringent standards.”

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