DoubleStar Cloak

DoubleStar recently announced the release of its newest AR-15 aftermarket accessory component, the Cloak M-LOK Handguard. Moreover, the Cloak M-LOK Handguard comes in two different models, 15.5-inch and 7-inch.

Cloak M-LOK Handguard Features

The Cloak M-LOK Handguard is designed as a slim, lightweight accessory. Made in America by DoubleStar, the Cloak features two QD swivel pockets. Further, the popular M-LOK slots cover six sides, delivering maximum versatility in attachment points. Two anti-rotation tabs fit tightly within a Mil-Spec receiver, according to DoubleStar.

DoubleStar constructs handguard from 6061 aluminum. Meanwhile, the barrel nut itself features heat treated 4140. Additionally, the 15.5-inch model weighs 13.7 ounces, while the 7-inch model weighs a scant 8.7 ounces. Each model delivers an overall outside diameter of 1.55 inches, while the inside diameter is 1.3 inches.

DoubleStar hard coat anodizes each model in black, making the Cloak M-LOK a durable option for your next build. Above all, suggested retail prices are $199.99 for the 15.5-inch Cloak and $149.99 for the 7-inch model.

NOTE: DoubleStar says the Cloak is designed to work with Mil-Spec receivers. Because of this, users with billet receivers are encouraged to ensure the anti-rotation tabs will clear their receiver. Also, DoubleStar designed the Cloak to fit direct impingement systems. Therefore, gas piston systems are not compatible.

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DoubleStar Cloak M-LOK Handguard Specifications

  • Material: 6061 aluminum
  • Overall Weight: 13.7 ounces (15.5 inch), 8.7 ounces (7 inch)
  • Barrel Nut Material: Heat Treated 4140
  • Overall Inside Diameter: 1.3 inches
  • Overall Outside Diameter: 1.55 inches
  • Finish: Hard Coat Anodized
  • Features: Two integrated QD swivel pockets, integrated anti-rotation tabs, free floating
  • MSRP: $199.99 (15.5 inch), $149.99 (7 inch)

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