Heads up, MP5 fans: ETS Group has unveiled a new line of HK MP5 9mm clear polymer magazines.

The presser says these mags work with all MP5-style 9mm guns, including the HK MP5; MP5K; HK94; SP89; SP5K; Zenith’s Z-5RS MKE; Atlantic Firearms’ Omega; Pakistan Ordnance Factories’ POF-5; HK Contract MP5 9mm variants, Special Weapons’ MP5-style SW5; Bobcat Weapons BW5; Coharie CA94; Dakota Tactical D54; and Vector V94. It’ll also work just fine with custom builds.

The magazines run hollow points and, according to the company, offer the “same reliability” seen in standard HK mags. The body is translucent, giving you the ability to see your ammo count and type. It also features a durable construction to make it impact-resistant so they won’t crack when dropped, and the feed lips won’t spread when loaded and stored.

The ETS Group HK MP5 magazines are available for $39.99 in 10, 20 and 30-round versions. A 40-rounder is priced at $44.99. Check out the features below.

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ETS Group HK MP5 Magazines

  • Optimized to run hollow points
  • Same reliability you’ve come to expect from H&K® magazines
  • Translucent body—allowing you to see your ammo count and type
  • Extreme impact resistance—won’t crack or break when dropped
  • Very resistant to harsh chemicals
  • Superior heat, cold and UV resistance—won’t become brittle over time, even when exposed to harsh environments or extreme cold
  • Creep resistant—the feedlips and body won’t spread when being stored long term, even when fully loaded
  • Far lighter than steel magazines
  • Fits standard MP5 mag pouches and couplers
  • Lifetime Warranty

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