The polymer FAB Defense FRBS provides a backup sight system.

Whether for competition, duty or defense, optical system rule the day in terms of shooter preference. But optics do fail. To keep your carbine in the fight, the FAB Defense FRBS Offset kit provides an affordable backup sighting system.

FAB Defense FRBS Offset Sights

The Front/Rear Backup Sight (FRBS) kit offers insurance for when an optic goes down. Mounted at a 45-degree, the system engages target for fast CQB work with a primary optic serving longer-range work. Many competitors and operators alike employ irons mounted on a 45, providing both options and security. The FAB models feature a snag-free, low-profile design while not in use. But for rapid deployment, they remain at the ready.

The FRBS Offset Kit utilizes hard polymer construction. It proves cost effective, lightweight, and durable, according to FAB Defense. The kit takes up a single slot on a 1913 Picatinny rail system. It clamps securely into place with an Allen head screw. Options include right- or left-eye dominance. The sights also come in Black, OD Green, and FDE colors.

The FRBS retails for $94.99. For even more info, please visit

F.A.B Defense FRBS Offset Kit Features

  • Low Profile footprint
  • Available in right and left side
  • Manual flip up for easy deployment
  • Reliably maintains zero
  • Simple installation
  • Allen screw provided
  • MSRP: $94.99

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