For those looking to upgrade their long-range rifle, FAB Defense just made the daunting task easier, packaging three high-performance components together. The new FAB Defense PRS Trio includes upgrades at pistol grip, stock and bipod.

FAB Defense PRS Trio

The PRS Trio includes the Gradus Pistol Grip, Rapid Adjustable Precision Stock (RAPS) and Spike bipod. The trio enhances a tactical rifle with an advanced grip, stock and bipod setup.

The Gradus Pistol Grip increases stability and control, providing a reduced, 15-degree grip angle. The ergonomic design comes from years of research, refinement and engineering, according to FAB Defense The grip comes with an option for a beavertail or flat configuration. The reinforced polymer core remains solid. Meanwhile, a textured rubber grip provides a non-slip platform.

The RAPS centers on the rapid adjustment portion of the stock, according to FAB Defense. It features an adjustable length of pull. Meanwhile an integrated cheek rest makes it easy to adjust on the fly. A single-lever design ensures the stock locks into place immediately. Quick stock adjustments provide a tactical advantage for shooting a variable distances in different contact scenarios, according to FAB Defense.

The Spike bipod stores out of the way. It provides a stable shooting position, immediately dropping into use. It helps give shooters the stability needed to engage long-range presentations.

All three products come in black, olive drab green and flat dark earth finishes.

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