First Tactical Penlight medium
First Tactical's medium Penlight

First Tactical has developed a pocket-sized light that clips easily to the user’s pocket or cap for quick, bright light that is always ready: The Penlight.

The Penglight features ultimate versatility with forward and reverse mounting options. Attaching the light securely is easy with its oversized clip depth and width.

High beam distance on the light is 130 meters, low beam distance 31 meters.

The light is available in two different sizes: small and medium.

The small model includes one AAA battery and runs at 55 lumens, at its highest level. It also has a run time on high of two-and-a-half hours. The small model measures 3.6 inches in length and weighs 1.5 ounces.

First Tactical’s medium Penlight includes two AAA batteries and run at a high of 101 lumens. The run time on high is three hours, 15 minutes. The medium model measures 5.3 inches in length and weighs 1.9 ounces.

The small Penlight retails for $17.99, while the medium model retails for $24.99.

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