The Fix It Sticks Compact Pistol Kit contains everything you need.

If you’re going to carry concealed, there’s much one must consider. From pistol and load to belt and holster, many agonize over just the right setup for EDC. But routine cleaning and maintenance in the field remains a must. For those looking for a compact kit that has it all, the Fix It Sticks Compact Pistol Kit meets that demand.

Fix It Sticks Compact Pistol Kit

The Compact Pistol Kit works with a wide array of handguns. It comes with a host of tools, wrenches, hex bits, and even a variable torque driver. The comprehensive selection of components will handle most any routine field maintenance task.

Taking up about as much room as two double-stack magazines, it fits easily in a range bag, glove box or ATV. A Ratcheting T-Handle and Mini All-In-One Torque Driver adds to the versatility. from optics to sights, and even the venerable 1911, this kit has you covered.

The entire kit comes in a soft, zippered carrying case. It features a molded, low-profile bit holder designed to hold any bit or accessory with a standard 1/4-inch base, along with any 8-32 threaded component.

The small pack makes the kit fit easily into any glove box or pack.

For many of us, concealed carry constitutes an ever-changing process of decisions and compromises. Activity, weather, clothing and more all dictate the gun on our belt. It should provide great comfort to carry a tool kit on the go that can handle most any job. The kit retails for $180. For even more info, please visit

Compact Pistol Kit Features

  • Ratchet T-Handle with Locking Hex Drive
  • Mini All-In-One Torque Driver
  • Steel Pick
  • Cleaning Brush Bit
  • Aimpoint Bit
  • Glock Sight Tool
  • 1911 Bushing Wrench
  • 3/32-inch Pin Punch
  • 1/8-inch Pin Punch
  • Four Brass Rods
  • Set of two 8-32 Adapters
  • 12 Electroless Nickel Plated Bits: T6, T8, T10, T15, P1, H1.5mm, H2mm, H3mm, H 1/16″, H 5/64″, H3/32″ Extended Bit (for adjusting hard to reach screws on optics), SL5mm
  • Compact Carrying Case
  • MSRP: $180

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