Franklin Armory’s Binary Firing System Gen 3 (BFSIII) trigger can now accommodate the CZ Scorpion. The BFSIII is a 3-position trigger. The first two trigger positions are “safe” and “semi,” respectively. The third position fires one round on the pull and one round on release. Franklin touts it as “the fastest semi-automatic trigger on the market,” saying it’s ideal for tactical and competition use. Pre-orders start on July 4. No pricing is available yet. Watch the video above to see the BFSIII in action with a CZ Scorpion. Full press release below:

BFSIII For the CZ Scorpion

Innovative firearms manufacturer, Franklin Armory, with the help of CZ—USA has successfully adapted the Patented Generation 3 Binary Firing System for the CZ Scorpion. Prototype triggers have undergone substantial field testing, and the final configurations are being placed into production currently. The BFSIII for the C2 Scorpion is slated to start shipping during the 3rd quarter of this year. Pre-Orders for CZ-C1 triggers will start on the 4th of July.

Franklin Armory National Sales Manager, David Gockel, stated, “Thanks to CZ-USA and their instrumental help with this project, we have been able to provide consumers with yet another highly requested BFSIIITM platform.”

Fast on the heels of their previous release of the BFSIII B&T-C1 for the B&T APC9/APC45/GHM9, Franklin Armory proves again to be the premier manufacturer of Binary triggers with over 5 models currently available.

The Gen 3 Binary Firing System was released for the AR platform in August of 2016. All BFSIII triggers feature a three mode safety selector. Mode 1 is ‘Safe.” Mode 2 is “Semi” for semiautomatic. And Mode 3 is “Binary” mode. In Binary mode, the firearm will discharge one round on the pull of the trigger and one round on the release of the trigger. All BFSIIITM models feature the ability to negate the release round in Binary mode by modulating the safety selector back to “Semi” mode or “Safe.” Additionally, all BFSIIIWI are engineered to prevent the operator from modulating the selector to “Binary” mode while holding the trigger back in “Semi” mode.

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