Replace wooden 2x4 supports with the Grizzly Targets Galvanized Steel Post 2x4.

Sometimes training is slow and precise, measured even. But once the fundamentals of marksmanship are mastered, tactical training often progresses to a high-volume affair. For those looking to build the ultimate, tough range presentations, the Grizzly Targets Galvanized Steel Post 2×4 holds up to punishment.

Grizzly Targets Galvanized Steel Post 2×4

The Galvanized Steel Post 2×4 enables shooters to get rid of wooden 2×4 supports. The heavy-duty, rust-free galvanized steel posts stand up to elements and abuse.

Spend more time shooting, and less time going downrange to replace shattered 2×4 posts. Better still, the galvanized stands mates to existing stands, bases and hanger/topper presentations.

The post’s toughness comes from Grizzly’s galvanization process. It ensures the target will continue functioning, even when left out in the elements. It also protects against rust as well. The hot-dip galvanization helps provide the longest lasting steel target system on the market, according to Grizzly Targets.

The post replaces a standard 2×4 and stands 4-feet tall. It mates with any compatible 2×4 base and hanger/topper. Constructed of 3/8-inch steel, it weathers multiple hits from errant rounds and spalling from rifles and pistols.

“As far as return on investment goes, there is nothing like it,” said Patrick, Sales Manager, Grizzly Targets. “Our customers love that they don’t have to go to the hardware store; instead, they spend that time shooting. Especially all the new shooters chewing up a lot of wood 2x4s.”

The Galvanized Steel Post retails for $49.95. For more information, visit

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