Grizzly Targets recently announced its newest steel target offering, the Trifecta 3/8-inch AR500 Target System. The Trifecta delivers a three-shot steel target array perfect for home range use yet tough enough to outfit a public range.

Grizzly Targets Trifecta Target System

The Trifecta AR500 Target System features spring-loaded AR500 steel. These “auto poppers” fall down from the energy of the shot impact, but then spring back up immediately afterwards to present a target again.

Each target faces measures four inches across at its widest point, while the poppers stand 14 inches tall. Constructed of tough AR500 steel, the standard in steel targets, the Trifecta will take a beating.

Behind the targets, Grizzly employs grade 8 bolts, Nylock nuts and industrial grade springs. An optional, removable 3/8-inch thick AR500 Front Guard protects the base and hardware, and its a feature you’re going to want with your target system. All brackets, body and legs feature Grizzly’s hot-dipped galvanization process.

Grizzly’s galvanization process assures the target system holds up in the most challenging elements. By protecting all parts of the target system, “your target will continue functioning for a very long time even if left outside in the elements for years on end. It also ensures your targets are going to keep looking great and not turn into a pile of rust. This process is a key element of our commitment to providing the longest lasting steel target systems on the market,” said a Grizzly release.

The Grizzly Trifecta Target System is rated for both handgun and rifle rounds. Retail price starts at $249.95.

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