The Havoc Deflector Brake sends spent brass ahead of the firing line.

Havoc Tactical Solutions just announced its latest AR-15 accessory, the Deflector Brake. The Havoc Deflector Brake guides spent brass into a more repeatable pile during firing.

Havoc Deflector Brake

We’ve all been punished by spent brass on the firing line. It inevitably finds a way down the back of the shirt, or on the ground right where we go prone. Have it happen on the clock, during a match, and you’re in for a real treat. In any event, it can cause flinches and jerks while on the trigger, which compromises the next shot.

The Deflector Brake attempts to prevent getting hit with spent brass by absorbing the energy normally contained in the ejected casing. It reduces the speed and distance the brass travels by an average of 60 percent, according to Havoc.

The Havoc Deflector Brake reduces spent brass speed by up to 60 percent.

It also pushes the hot brass out in front of the firing line. By softening impact, the Deflector Brake provides additional protection to the rifle, spent casing, shooter and those nearby. The result produces reduced unpredictable ricochet of hot brass and minimized damage to brass casings.

The Deflector Brake applies easily via a peel and stick process. It fits standard AR-15 receivers. Deflecting spent brass forward helps protect left-handed and off-shoulder firing, according to Havoc.

The Deflector Brake retails for $17.99. The company says users should switch the product out every 1,500 rounds to maintain desired effects. For more information, visit

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