High Speed Gear LE Blue Polymer TACOs fill out tactical kits.

For anyone that carries in the line of duty, solid gear is a must. Further, it must work every time, all the time, without exception. But it doesn’t hurt if it looks pretty cool as well. High Speed Gear just released some new gear that should appeal to law enforcement and more. The High Speed Gear LE Blue Polymer TACO checks all the boxes.

High Speed Gear LE Blue Polymer TACOs

The new color stems from the company’s LE Blue nylon. It allows customers to match existing LE Blue nylon and Kydex loadouts with Polymer TACOs, Polymer Pistol TACOs, Polymer Double Decker TACOs and Polymer X2R TACOs.

“We are constantly expanding our product lines to meet the growing needs of our users,” said Allison Mitchum, HSGI director of marketing and sales. “In the last year, we added LE Blue to the majority of our catalog and now we’ve extended that to our polymer TACOs, making that style of pouches available to our law enforcement agencies that require blue gear for their vests and belts. We know that blue equipment options for these units can be very limited, so we’re proud to offer them American-made solutions.”

Retail prices range from $27 to $53. For even more info, please visit highspeedgear.com.

LE Blue Polymer TACO Models

  • TACO: $34
  • Pistol TACO: $27
  • Double Decker TACO: $48
  • X2R TACO: $53

Matching up with several other gear offerings, the High Speed Gear LE Blue Poymer TACO lines fill out your kit.

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