Some of us in this 2A lifestyle need to stay ready for anything and everything that may come our way. Treating gunshots should remain part of that plan. On duty or patrol, or even during a weekend on the range, gun owners should incorporate a trauma kit into their state of readiness. The new High Speed Gear ReVive Medical Pouch delivers a solid mobile medical kit designed around treating a single gunshot wound.

High Speed Gear ReVive Medical Pouch

The ReVive provides quick access via a compact pouch. It features the patent-pending RipCord insert. The device allows content retrieval via one quick motion. The durable, stretch-woven fabric body allows user adaptability for necessary supplies. Meanwhile, a Mini MOLLE backer allows fitting to multiple belt sizes, along with standard MOLLE.

“Many of our users do not have the space, or need, to carry a full-sized IFAK. This pouch is for them,” said Daniel Chaney, HSGI senior designer. “The ReVive borrows DNA from its bigger brother, the ReFlex IFAK System, and applies it to a more compact package. We included the same thoughtful, user-centric features – instant access to supplies, external glove storage, expansion options for shears and a tourniquet – in a package that fits where a full-sized IFAK will not. We relied heavily on our expert users as we developed the ReVive, zeroing in on the features that will be most appreciated when this product is used in the field.”

The pouch contains supplies to fit a chest seal, including a 4-inch trauma dressing and combat gauze. It comes in a removable, self-contained harness. The kit includes two pairs of nitrile gloves in the two external pockets, along with trauma shears in the rear slot and a tourniquet on the side lash points.

The High Speed Gear Compact ReVive Medical Pouch retails for $74. This is a good piece of gear. For even more info, please visit

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