The Hiperfire X2S provides a two-stage upgrade for carbines.

Hiperfire recently announced it newest trigger line, the X2S. The Hiperfire X2S comprises of three different models of two-stage trigger systems.

Hiperfire X2S Two-Stage Trigger

Few accessories make as dramatic a change in accuracy and control as a quality trigger upgrade. From competition to tactical operators, drop-in and semi-drop in trigger systems remain an extremely popular and utilitarian upgrade. While many in law enforcement shy away from trigger jobs, higher end responsive units often break that trend. Specifically, some elite military and LE SWAT units rely exclusively on upgraded trigger platforms.

The triggers provide greater control during high-stress environments, according to Hiperfire. The ability to “prep” the trigger on the second stage remains desirable among some shooters.

Now Hiperfire offers its Hipertouch design in a crisp, two-stage platform. The company’s Cam-Over Toggle Engine and Radical Sear Mechanics allow reduced pull weights. meanwhile, the Soft Start Lock-Up reduces rifle “flinch” after the break, according to Hiperfire.

Components exhibit precision machining, heat treatment, a coatings designed for harsh environments. The user-adjustable 3-4 1/2-pound pull ranges deliver versatility. Finally, retail prices range from $200 to $225.

The Hiperfire X2S line retains the company’s commitment to provide long lasting, high-quality precision products. For anyone looking to upgrade their carbine, the semi-drop-in system deserves a look.

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