The HIVIZ LiteWave H3 CompSight improves target acquisition on shotguns.

Shotgun shooting remains the one voodoo, if you will, of the shooting sports. See the sight, but don’t see it. See the target, yet see the bead. Part art, part science, shooters have long experimented with different beads and front sights for effecting wingshooting. Now HIVIZ releases its LiteWave H3 CompSight.

HIVIZ LiteWave H3 CompSight

HIVIZ incorporated the technology from its popular CompSight, combined with LitePipe tech. The H3 CompSight delivers 24-hour illumination, according to HIVIZ. The sight delivers a better sight picture, whether in the field on on the firing line.

Constructed of all steel, the sights prove rugged and durable, according to HIVIZ. The design promotes the eye picking up with peripheral vision, in any lighting condition. Whether for duty, defense or sport, faster target acquisition remains a highly desirable trait.

More importantly, the sight is designed for rough use. HIVIZ claims the H3 CompSight works well for personal protection, or even law enforcement and military use.

The LiteWave H3 CompSight comes with a Green LitePipe. The sight fits most vent-ribbed shotguns with a removable front bead. It includes five screws in varying thread sizes to fit nearly any shotgun. Sizes include 3-56/2.5mmx.45mm; 5-40; 6-48; 3mmx.5; 3mmx.6. The H3 CompSight retails for $55.

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