Mossberg has introduced its JM Pro Adjustable Match Trigger, a drop-in adjustable precision trigger built for compatibility with standard AR-15 and AR-10-style rifles.

Mossberg’s JM Pro Adjustable Match Trigger

In a press release, Mossberg says it worked with competitive shooting legend Jerry Miculek on the JM Pro Adjustable Match Trigger. The part is touted as an upgrade for competition and recreational shooters, as well as hunters. Essentially, it’s geared toward any discipline where trigger control and shot placement are of the utmost importance.

Designed to provide consistent accuracy with a crisp, creep-free break, this trigger fits all standard Mil-Spec AR-15 and AR-10 lower receivers with a .154-inch trigger and hammer pin holes. Meanwhile, the housing is precision-machined, and the trigger pull weight is user-adjustable, with adjustments possible in the three-to-six-pound range. In addition, the overtravel is user-adjustable.

The JM Pro Adjustable Match Trigger is a standalone Mossberg accessory priced at $161. It also comes standard in the company’s latest MMR (Mossberg Modern Rifle) offerings, including the MMR Tactical OR (Optics-Ready) and MMR Tactical Vortex Red/Green Dot Combo with Strikefire II optic. Those models are both chambered in 5.56mm NATO/223 Rem. The trigger is also featured in the MMR Pro. That rifle is chambered in 5.56mm NATO/223 Rem and 224 Valkyrie.

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