Langdon Tactical recently announced its newest aftermarket component for Beretta 90 Series pistols, the Optimized Performance Trigger Bar. The trigger bar drastically reduces trigger reset while maintaining the platform’s double-action trigger pull weight.

Langdon Tactical carefully reengineered the trigger bar to shorten the trigger reset to an incredible 1/10-inch or shorter. The Optimized Performance Trigger Bar makes for lightning-quick follow-up shots. It further enables owners of Elite LTT 92 models to take full advantage of the Elite LTT 92’s smooth operation, according to Langdon Tactical. The company accomplishes this without compromising the inherent safety of the trigger’s single- or double-action trigger pull weight or length, according to Langdon Tactical.

The company also enhanced the trigger feel via a black nitride base under Duralube Diamond-Like Coating (DLC) on the Optimized Trigger Bar. The surface treatment hardens the surface of the trigger bar. Meanwhile, it also provides a polished-like smooth interface for a trigger pull that glides, according to Langdon Tactical. The company also offers a silver-nickel-teflon NP3 coating as an option.

The Optimized Performance Trigger Bar installs easily in approximately two minutes. It features compatibility with Beretta 92F and later models, including the Compact and Centurion (not the 92S). Some variants may require minor fitting, according to Langdon Tactical.

The Langdon Optimized Performance Trigger Bar retails for $67. For more information, visit

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