Magpul’s imprint on the firearms world is well-documented and worthy of all the adulation. The PMAG is arguably the stable of Magpul and its series of PMAG-branded drum magazines is a fan favorite. Well, there’s a new addition to that series and it’s a good one. The new Magpul PMAG D-50 EV9 is a 50-round drum magazine specifically made for the CZ Scorpion and Scorpion-compatible firearms.

Magpul’s New CZ Scorpion Drum Magazine

We got the chance for an early sneak peak at the new drum mag at the recent Athlon Outdoor Rendezvous. With 50 rounds of 9mm at the ready, the D-50 EV9 lived up to expectations.

“It’s a 50-round 9mm drum for the Scorpion from CZ and for firearms that use a CZ Scorpion-compatible mag well,” said Magpul’s Chris McRae. “So similar to our legacy D-60 and D-50 magazines, we have a ratcheting loading lever, an easy-to-disassemble design, a rounds-remaining indicator window on the back here, stainless steel springs for corrosion resistance, they never take a set, they’ll run just about forever, and again its a 50-round capacity for 9×19.”

Of particular note, Magpul incorporated a bolt hold open feature into the design of the magazine tower. For fans of pistol caliber carbines, this is a welcome addition.

The D-50 EV9 will serve CZ Scorpion fans well. Additionally, the Palmetto State Armory AK-V9 provides compatibility for D-50. For those wondering why in world Magpul didn’t bring out a Glock-style mag first, have no fear. A D-50-style drum for arguably the most popular PCC type is coming soon.

“We do have another variant coming out as well,” McRae explained. “It will be compatible with firearms that utilize a Glock 9mm magazine well. So it will have a similar profile, as far as height of the tower. And it will fit in similar firearms, pistol caliber carbines and the like.”

MSRP is $119.95. No doubt, like most everything Magpul does, it will make Glock-style PCC shooters lose their mind with anticipation. For now, enjoy the company’s new CZ Scorpion drum magazine. For more information, visit

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