Since its release in 2017, the Ruger PC Carbine owns an enviable reputation among pistol caliber carbines. With the ability to use either Ruger or Glock magazines, the platform is about as versatile as it gets. In its takedown configuration, it functions easily as a plinker, self-defense, trail or truck gun. Now with the Magpul PC Backpacker Stock, the platform just got even better.

Magpul PC Backpacker Stock

We got the opportunity to spend a little time on the range with the Magpul design at the 2020 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous in Idaho. It has serious “cool” factor, but there’s no denying the functional side either. Designed specifically for the Ruger PC Carbine, the PC Backpacker includes everything you need for a versatile, mobile, packable system. It’s just another item that shows why Magpul is so well-respected in the firearms industry.

“It’s similar to what we did with our 10/22 Backpacker Stock,” Magpul’s Cris McRae told us. “It detaches, gives you a lot of the same features set. You have storage in the buttstock to accommodate a 21-round Glock magazine. The whole thing pops apart … snaps together. It accepts our 12-round Glock magazine as well. And you can keep that magazine in there while the gun is stowed.”

It comes with M-LOK slots a the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. An interchangeable cheek riser helps deliver customization as well. But arguably the coolest component is the storage. It includes a water-resistant grip storage compartment. Meanwhile, the larger storage compartment fits a 21-round Glock magazine. A lot to like here.

Whether used as a range gun, survival weapon or truck gun, the Ruger PC Carbine proves formidable. At a retail of $149.95, the Magpul PC Backpacker Stock is a must-have accessory for it. Expect availability in late 2020. Watch the video of the PC Backpacker Stock above. For more info, please visit

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