The adjustable McMilan Z-1 gives custom-type fit to Remington 700 actions.

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks recently announced the release of its newest rifle accessory, the Z-1. The McMillan Z-1 fits most Remington-type actions and most barrel contours, with no need for factory or user modifications.

McMillan Z-1 Stock

The precision fiberglass stock features inletting to accommodate nearly all barreled actions sharing the same action diameter and guard screw spacing of the Remington 700. The company’s first universal-fit stock, the Z-1 eliminates the factory wait times for custom fiberglass stocks.

The stock blends elements of McMilan’s popular A6, A10, and A5 tactical stocks. The Z-1 barrel channel accommodates nearly any barrel contour. Factory inletting comes ready to accept most factory barreled actions. Thanks to the low stock line, no ejection port relief is needed. The oversized bolt notch accommodates all bolt head sizes.

McMillan built the Z-1 specifically for long-range tactical shooting and competition. The squared forend provides a positive mating surface for a bipod. Additionally, it delivers maximum stability when using a field rest, according to McMillan. A dual-purpose butt hook provides sturdy rear support on a shooting bag and a grip for the non-firing hand. The firing hand grip orients vertically for optimal trigger geometry. A thumb shelf offers thumb support to reduce fatigue when waiting for a shot. Meanwhile, a finger stop allows the trigger finger to rest in exact alignment with the trigger.

An integral cheek piece features adjustability for a custom cheek weld and proper eye alignment. Meanwhile, an adjustable recoil pad enables length-of-pull adjustment.

The Z-1 comes in all available finishes and retails for $700-$900. For more information, visit

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