The MEPRO Self-Illuminated sights increase pistol efficiency.

Pistol shooting remains the most difficult platform to master. With a shorter sight radius, every incremental shift matters. To that end, the MEPRO Self-Illuminated Adjustable Day/Night Sights offer an alternative to standard pistol sights.

Meprolight MEPRO Self-Illuminated Sights

The highly fluorescent coating enhances visibility during the day. Meanwhile, tritium allows you to see your sights in low-light and night conditions.

Meprolight claims shooters increased hit efficiency 85 percent using Self-Illuminated Adjustable Day/Night Sights. Also proven in combat, they enable hits on stationary or moving targets, in low-light conditions, with dramatically increased hit probability, according to Meprolight.

The company further describes the system as rapid instinctive aiming. Shooters simply index three solid dots, identical in appearance in location, according to Meprolight.

The system serves as a replacement part of existing sight systems. The sights fit Glock, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Springfield XD, HK and SIG P series pistols. Tru-Dot models come in green/green, yellow/green and orange/green configurations.

Mepro Adjustable Day/Night Sights

  • Tritium Powered Means No Batteries – No Switches
  • Daytime Confidence Under Low Light Conditions
  • The Brightest Night Sights Available Today
  • TRU-DOT for Rapid Instinctive Aiming
  • Totally Integrated Day/Night Sighting
  • Maintenance Free
  • Positive Adjustment for windage and Elevation

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