Ammo Crate Mini

MTM Case-Gard recently released its newest ammo box system, the 5-Can Ammo Crate Mini. Moreover, the system includes five individual ammo boxes that fit into a polymer crate.

MTM Case-Gard 5-Can Ammo Crate Mini Features

Firstly, the 5-Can Ammo Crate Mini includes five MTM Ammo Mini Cans. Further, the cans fit securely within a rugged, polymer crate to form a compact storage system for ammunition and accessories. MTM calls the system versatile and sturdy. Meanwhile, the system is stackable and employs an extended carrying handle on both ends.

MTM designed the 5-Can Ammo Crate Mini to be carried comfortably on and off the range. Also, it functions as a multi-caliber storage system, with each can capable of holding up to 700 loose rounds of 9mm, 400 rounds of .45 ACP or .223 ammunition.

Whether working from the back of a truck or SUV, or carrying all your gear to the firing line, MTM Case-Gard’s 5-Can system provides a solid system. Users can carry the entire system, or only individual cans, to a desired location. Better still, rugged and water resistant, the cans organize and protect ammo, accessories and more. Your day on the range just got a lot easier and better with this system from MTM Case-Gard.

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5-Can Ammo Crate Mini Specifications

  • Includes five, water-resistant O-ring sealed, MTM Mini Ammo Cans
  • Easier carrying, transporting and storage methods
  • Stackable
  • Four tie-down points for quick attachment to ATV or vehicles
  • Made in the USA
  • Multi-caliber storage system
  • Can be used as a dry storage option for accessories
  • Overall dimensions: 24.6 inches x 8.3 inches x 7 inches
  • MSRP: $40.11

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