We recently took the Oakley Standard Issue Ballistic M Frame Alpha mil-spec eye-pro to the range. The mission: Put these glasses through the paces. We ​went medieval on that glass!

Oakley Standard Issue Testing

Everyone already knows that Oakley has a solid reputation for producing exceptional lens technology and sturdy frames, entrusted by LEO and operators worldwide. So when Oakley sent us these specs, we decided to go full bore. We took them to the range and shot them at close distance with a smattering of firearms to see how the lenses would hold up.

We kicked things off with a good old fashioned wrist rocket at 10 yards just for fun. From there, we moved onto some larger firepower — specifically the Remington 870 Tactical Shotgun. We fired birdshot at 10 yards. After that, we fired from a .22 LR rifle and a 9mm handgun, aiming for the face of our trusty rubber dummy. The M Frame Alphas not only impressed us, but they surpassed all expectations during the all-out assault.

The ​Alphas feature a three-part system composed of a frame, gasket and goggle. A single lens works across all platforms. Meanwhile, the complete package — the Alpha Operator Kit — contains the entire Oakley Alpha “eco-system,” including a robust cleaning kit and rugged case. Modular, scalable, the glasses proved tough as nails, fitting for the elite warrior class.

Disclaimer: The Alphas are not bulletproof solutions designed to keep your peepers and grey matter protected from direct blasts to the face; so don’t do anything stupid out there. They will, however, serve as badass optic eye pro solutions for the discerning shooter. Better still, they stop a hell of a lot more flak than one might expect possible. For more information, visit

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