Panteao Productions continues to churn out high quality instructional videos, with no signs of slowing down. They’ve just unveiled two new videos in their “Make Ready” training series. The first is a collaboration with renowned firearms expert, trainer and Gamut Resolutions founder Robert Keller, entitled “Make Ready with Robert Keller: Proven Methods of the Carbine.” The second features Aaron Barruga, a Special Forces veteran, a highly-regarded instructor and founder of Guerrilla Approach. He brings his knowledge to “Make Ready with Aaron Barruga: High Threat Environment Vehicle Tactics.”

Both videos are available for streaming in UltraHD and HD. They can be watched on a PC or Mac, mobile device via the Panteao Apple and Android Apps, or on your television from the Panteao Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV Channels. If you have a Panteao Streaming Video Subscription, you’ll get access to the full Panteao video library. DVD versions will be released later this month.

More in the press release below:

The first title released is Make Ready with Robert Keller: Proven Methods of the Carbine. Robert Keller has spent more than 19 years in the US Army with all of those years in the Special Operations community. He is also the Founder and CEO of Gamut Resolutions where he teaches law enforcement and civilians specializing in carbine and pistol. Proven Methods of the Carbine is your introduction to Bob’s approach to carbine training. He covers the must haves of carbine shooting, the Ready Up drills, reacquiring your target, controlled pairs, target hold-off, transition drills, sling types, multiple targets, turns, reloads, and more. You have to start with the fundamentals when it comes to a carbine. Robert Keller will give you a no nonsense approach to becoming proficient with a carbine.

The second video is Make Ready with Aaron Barruga: High Threat Environment Vehicle Tactics. Aaron Barruga served in the US Army Special Forces with deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Pacific Theater of Operations. He is the Founder of Guerrilla Approach where he teaches vehicle tactics and active shooter interdiction. High Threat Environment Vehicle Tactics is your introduction to close-quarter engagements in and around vehicles. Aaron reviews the reactive versus proactive mindset, offsetting cover, vehicle and glass ballistics lab, mounted shooting positions, bailout techniques with a carbine and pistol, exterior shooting positions, and more. Whether you are in law enforcement, a military organization conducting low visibility operations or a civilian, this video will give you a solid understanding of working in and around a vehicle.


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