The Phoenix Weaponry Hand Stop ties into barricades and provides safe hand placement.

We live in the age of AR rifle and pistol builds. More than ever before, shooters build, customize or otherwise tinker with their AR platform setup. And short barrels continue to be all the rage, and with good reason. But for both tactical utility and safety in hand placement, a hand stop becomes a great addition for many AR builds. The new Phoenix Weaponry Billet Hand Stop delivers a solid upgrade.

Phoenix Weaponry Hand Stop

The Billet Hand Stop is machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. It features a contour to rest against the webbing of the support hand. The Hand Stop comes anodized in black with a stainless steel quick-detach sling insert. It also comes with an 8/32 socket head screw and M-LOK-style nut for installation.

“They had a lot of interest in them after customers used a similar version of the Phoenix Weaponry handguard, said Phoenix Weaponry Owner Aaron Cayce, when asked about the M-LOK version. “Not only can they be used as a Hand Stop on most any length of AR rifle or pistol, they can also be rested up against a barrier if need be and you can still use your Q.D. sling with them.”

Users install the Hand Stop simply by way of a 3/32 Allen wrench. Phoenix Weaponry ships all other needed components with the product. The company advises correct installation relies on making sure the M-LOk nut aligns vertically with the channel. Proper setup also the Hand Stop true horizontally, preventing movement once properly tightened.

The run on guns in America continues unabated. That means is harder than ever before to get the exact AR carbine or pistol we need. So many shooters continue to turn to building or customizing their won. And the Phoenix Hand Stop makes for a great addition. The Phoenix Weaponry Hand Stop retails for $29.99. For even more info, please visit

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