Plano, long known for its shooting and fishing storage systems, just announced its latest rifle case. The Plano All Weather 2 Rifle case now adds Rustrictor technology, delivering corrosion resistance to a hard-sided rifle/shotgun case.

Plano All Weather 2 Rifle Case

The All Weather 2 Rifle case features a tough outer shell, rated for air travel. The exterior features dual-state lockable latches and a Dri-Loc seal that creates a watertight, dust-proof shield, according to Plano. Lockable tabs enable the choice of padlocks to prevent theft.

Inside, Rustrictor technology, perfected in Plano’s fishing lines, keeps moisture at bay. A Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) infused into the resin and a foam emitter prevents firearms from rusting. In accelerated lab testing, Rustrictor blocked rust and corrosion five times longer than the competition, according to Plano. Additionally, pre-perforated pluck foam enables easy customization for specific firearms.

The over-molded carry handle helps deliver comfort. The lockable, airline-approved All Weather 2 Rifle case feature a pressure release valve to equalize pressure changes caused by altitude or temperature changes. Meanwhile, the Dri-Loc gasket creates a watertight seal.

Cases come in 36-, 42- and 52-inch wheeled models. The line also feature field boxes and pistol cases as well. With a hard exterior, comfortable handle and wheeled design, the All Weather series delivers gun cases capable of travel demands. And now with Rustrictor technology, you get extra corrosion resistance, helping protect your rifle afield, no matter what you throw at it.

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Plano All Weather 2 Rifle Case Features:

  • Rust-preventive Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) infused into resin and foam emitter
  • Blocks rust/corrosion 5x longer than competing products (per accelerated lab testing)
  • Pre-perforated pluck foam for easy customization
  • Pressure release valve equalizes pressure caused by altitude or temperature changes
  • Dual-stage lockable latches
  • Continuous Dri-Loc seal creates a watertight, dust-proof shield
  • Rugged, industrial-strength construction
  • Comfortable, over-molded carry handle
  • Airline approved
  • Lockable
  • MSRP: $99.99 – $124.99

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