New Police Gear, spread

With the amount of police gear on the market, it’s tough to navigate through everything.

Trying to decide what’s useful in the field versus something that’s simply unnecessary isn’t always easy. So we took care of that for you.

We’ve broken down some of the best police gear we’ve seen this year. From high-tech optics to bail out bags and everything in between.

Scroll through our entire list below. For more information, please visit the manufacturer’s websites featured below.

Eastern Beacon Industries Ballistic Backpack

Police Gear, Eastern Beacon Industries Ballistic Backpack

The need for ballistic gear capable of speedy deployment is real in the LE world. This backpack is designed to be worn on the rear of the body or even stored in the trunk. The pack is placed on the front of the body when encountered by an armed threat. The quick-tab is pulled down to deploy the flap of the pack. This is the only backpack that provides full patented protection. (

Mission First Tactical Tekko Polymer AR-15 Carbine 7-inch Drop-In M-LOK Rail System

Police Gear, Mission First Tactical Tekko Polymer AR-15 Carbine 7-inch Drop-In M-LOK Rail System

This new Polymer AR Carbine rail system provides mounting for MLOK accessories, like vertical grips, bipods, lights and lasers. The MLOK system allows for universal modularity between numerous manufacturers of accessories and accessory rails. The rail system replaces the plastic factory handguard in minutes and requires no gunsmithing. No permanent alterations need to be made to the rifle as it’s a drop-in, screwless installation. The unit is held in place by the Delta ring and handguard cap. It is a perfect piece of kit for the LE world. (

Seahorse Protective Equipment Cases Waterproof Gun Holster

Police Gear, Seahorse Protective Equipment Cases Waterproof Gun Holster

The LE community committed to working around water have long been neglected in regards to holsters. Not any longer though! New from Seahorse is a Level 3 waterproof gun holster to keep your handgun protected from various environmental conditions. When closed, the P17 is fully sealed from water and dust intrusion. Desiccant packs will remove any moisture in the case, ensuring that your gun stays dry. The built in auto pressure equalization system ensures that the unit will open with ease when descending from high altitudes. (

Ulticlip XL

Police Gear, Ulticlip XL

Covert carry has been a challenge for undercover officers for decades. At times, traditional holsters won’t work. There is a solution though! Ulticlip XL is the world’s first holster clip and locking steel belt loop. No longer do you have to choose between a holster clip or belt loop; with Ulticlip XL you can have both. Designed for 1.5-inch belts, the locking belt loop allows the user to carry a holster, knife sheath or accessory Inside the Waist Band (IWB) or Outside the Waist Band (OWB). (

Helikon-Tex Bail Out Bag

Police Gear, Helikon-Tex Bail Out Bag

The Bail Out Bag or BOB is the perfect catch all bag for LE! You can attach it to the back of a car seat, where it can hang open without spilling the contents – but allowing fast access to the contents. After detaching from the seat, it morphs into a plain backpack. On opening completely, it spreads, one can sit on it or even use as a basic sleeping isolation mat. Pocket within holds a bespoke seating mat. BOB has four internal mesh pockets for larger items, two welted flask (or magazines) pockets, two zippered pockets for smaller items. (

Aviation Specialties Unlimited AN/PVS-14 Digital

Police Gear, Aviation Specialties Unlimited AN/PVS-14 Digital

A critical need in the LE community is solid night vision equipment. New from Aviation Specialties Unlimited is the Digital PVS Night Vision Monocular. This is a digital upgrade to the AN/PVS-14 that offers on hand operation of on/off, IR and gain control for fast and easy operation. It is compact and offers one hand use. With a variety of features such as a noncorrosive aluminum battery compartment, battery cap, and nickel springs the device is a solid must have for LE. (

Fenixlight LTD TK72R Flashlight

Police Gear, Fenixlight LTD TK72R Flashlight

TK72R is a portable high performance flashlight that fits LE needs perfectly. Featuring OLED display with advanced intelligent circuit design, it clearly shows the current lumens, remaining battery level and runtime. The TK72R features a charging and discharging function with a max output of 15000mAh, which allows the use of the flashlight as a standby power bank for almost any digital devices. With a max of 9000 lumens it is bright enough for any task. (

Viridian Weapon Technologies FACT Duty X

Police Gear, Viridian Weapon Technologies FACT Duty X

The LE community is under constant public scrutiny and many agencies have turned to cameras for support. Viridian designed its new FACTDuty to provide crucial data when a deadly force incident occurs. This duty-grade, weapon-mounted camera (WMC) provides HD video and audio at the critical moment when an officer is required to unholster the weapon. Light weight and durable, the FACT Duty X captures footage that can be critical in investigations. (

Safe Life Defense Concealable Enhanced Multi-Threat Vest Level iiia+

Police Gear, Safe Life Defense Concealable Enhanced Multi-Threat Vest Level iiia+


There are few things that are non-negotiable in regards to LE gear. Body armor is one of those items. New from Safe Life Defense is the Concealable Enhanced Level iiia+ Multi-Threat Vest X. This is a comfortable concealed vest that defends against bullets, strikes, slashes, stabs, and offers unmatched protection against traditionally armor piercing rounds. It also protects against stabs up to 36 joules of force and stops repeated stabs from even ice picks. The vest has front and back pockets for 10×12 Level IV Rifle Plates and comes in different colors and variations. (

Stealth Gear USA IWB Handcuff Carrier

Police Gear, Stealth Gear USA IWB Handcuff Carrier

While IWB holsters have been common place, Stealth Gear USA has created an IWB rig for handcuffs! The single stack design is a new and innovative method of carrying handcuffs that evenly distributes weight for maximum comfort and concealment. Built on a breathable platform featuring patented Ventcore technology, the Stealth Gear USA IWB Handcuff Carrier was designed with input from law enforcement personnel and rigorously field tested by officers both on and off-duty. (

Tactical Medical Solutions Patrol Rifle Response Kit

Police Gear, Tactical Medical Solutions Patrol Rifle Response Kit

Today’s LE community needs preparation for much more than traditional crime. They also should be prepared for critical incident response. The Patrol Rifle Response Kit offers the individual patrol officer the ability to have the necessary components for those emergency situations immediately available to them, without the added difficulty of performing reloads from an uncooperative sling bag. Internally, the contents allow for the effective treatment of life threatening wounds. Comfortable and light weight it is a good balance of form and function. (

Honeywell Spectra Shield

Police Gear, Honeywell Spectra Shield

Honeywell is a well-known name in the defense industry, but it also has a strong LE presence. Its Spectra Shield is 15 times stronger than steel, yet light enough to float. Pound-for-pound, Spectra It is one of the strongest manmade fibers in the world. Its use in body armor can reduce overall weight by up to 40 percent. This combined with their exceptional durability makes Spectra Shield a must have in the LE world. (

Fulcrum Target System

Police Gear, Fulcrum Target System

The need for dynamic firearms training in LE is real. The challenge has been getting beyond standard targets. New from Fulcrum Target System is a portable electronic target system. Fulcrum designed the target system for CQB (Close Quarters Battle), urban settings and shoothouse scenarios. The key feature is maximum portability and flexibility for ever changing training scenarios. From turning targets to pop up and swing around targets, the unit is capable of adding a dynamic aspect to any LE training program! (

Gun Guardian Trigger Shield

Police Gear, Gun Guardian Trigger Shield

One of the biggest challenges in the LE world is protecting your weapon from being grabbed or fired by an assailant. This is even more problematic with rifles. The exposed trigger can be a big problem. The Gun Guardian Trigger Shield addresses that. The device is essentially an AR pistol grip designed to release and in turn become a trigger cover. This is a perfect item for times when officers must go hands on with someone or even when storing the weapon.

Trijicon 4-16×50 AccuPoint

Police Gear, Trijicon 4-16x50 AccuPoint

Trijicon is a well-respected name in the LE community. New this year is the 4-16×50 AccuPoint. A perfect optic for LE marksman, the scope has advanced fiber-optics and tritium aiming-point illumination which speeds target acquisition and extends available shooting hours. It has a dual-illumination system automatically adjusts aiming-point brightness to existing lighting conditions. Wrapped up with easy-to-use capped turret controls for precise and tool-free windage and elevation adjustments, the Accupoint is a solid choice. (

IRND Vampire SOLO LRF Ballistic Computer

Police Gear, IRND Vampire SOLO LRF Ballistic Computer

The challenge with most long-range shooting is the computations need to be hyper accurate. A solution for the LE world is the Vampire SOLO – LRF ballistic computer. This device provides target range measurement, automatic calculation of elevation and windage corrections, visual and voice notification to the shooter. The correction calculation includes target range, elevation, air temperature, humidity and pressure as well as ballistic characteristics of ammunition. It is a digital problem solver that allows you to focus on the shot! (

FLIR Breach

Police Gear, FLIR Breach

Popular in the LE world for searching are FLIR products. New this year is the FLIR Breach. This is FLIR’s most compact and lightweight thermal monocular, weighing only 210 grams. Built with law enforcement professionals in mind, the Breach is concealable in a pocket or be mounted to a helmet with its mini-rail feature. It is powered by the new FLIR Boson core, and packs exclusive features, such as FLIR’s proprietary InstAlert palette to give a tactical advantage by fast detection of suspects or evidence, day and night. (

Hero’s Pride Tourniquet Cases

Police Gear, Hero's Pride Tourniquet Cases

As the use and carry of tactical tourniquets has grown, so has the need to find a way to easily carry them. Say hello to the Hero’s Pride Tourniquet Cases X. Hero’s Pride offers these TQ cases in a signature AirTek and Ballistic brands, which feature tactical and leather alternative models. Engineered with scratch resistant polyurethane, 1680 denier ballistic, genuine leather, high quality DOT snaps and molded structure to guarantee secure placement and easy one-handed accessibility. All cases feature a display area for the universal TQ symbol, CAT label or blood type indication. Closed cover flap keeps your tourniquet in place and protects against harsh environmental factors (

Night Vision Devices MINI B AAA Version

Police Gear, Night Vision Devices MINI B AAA Version

Night vision can be of great use to the LE community but weight is often a downside. New from NVD is the MINI Binocular Night Vision Device (MINI B). With a weight of sub 415 grams, the MINI B series of goggles are the lightest fully functional dual tube goggles in the world. The MINI B AAA also runs on one AAA battery for up to 10+ hours and features a standalone battery pack which utilizes three AA batteries (60-plus hours). (

Modular Rapid Access Gun Rack System

Police Gear, Modular Rapid Access Gun Rack System

Weapon storage is a non-sexy yet critical aspect of the LE world. Santa Cruz Gunlocks is now offering a new line of modular rapid access gun racks. These modular racks are configurable for use in a variety of locations raring from vehicles to arms rooms and any other space guns need securing! Solid and well made, they provide a perfect storage solution for the LE community. (

Streamlight PolyTac

Police Gear, Streamlight PolyTac

The PolyTac X is a 600 lumen tactical light and incorporates the versatility to use two battery types; two CR123A batteries, or one Streamlight Rechargeable Li Ion cell. Multi battery versatility means you can always use primary disposable cells to power the light if your rechargeable cell is out of power and a charging source is not available. PolyTac X is bright and compact personal polymer light available with the latest in power LED technology and three different user selectable programs. The light features a superior grip texture to provide a comfortable but slip resistant feel. A solid light for LE use! (

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