Mount optic bases and rings with precision using the new Real Avid Smart-Torq.

Precision rifle shooting requires minimization of all possible induced errors. To shoot at the highest level, that precision begins at the bench. For mounting optic bases and rings to the highest level of accuracy, the Real Avid Smart-Torq gives an edge. It delivers accurate, specific inch-pound torque measurements, for mounting optics and gun builds.

Real Avid Smart-Torq

The Smart-Torq helps accurately measure single-digit inch-lb. torque. It features discrete inch-lb. increment settings. With the 10 to 70 in-lb. range, it allows users to quickly reach a desired setting. An adjustment knob improves the ease and accuracy of setting torque. An audible and tactile “click” indicates a 1 in-lb. adjustment.

The overall design proves modern, highly ergonomic and intuitive, according to Real Avid. A rubberized grip with Force Assist handle/driver makes tightening screws and fasteners to precise settings easy. For Assists helps securely seat the main driver and bit. it provides easy manipulation and proper seating.

“Building and upgrading guns and mounting scopes have become the bedrock of Gun DIY,” said Howard Tripp, Chief Innovation Officer, Real Avid. “Providing DIY installers the ability to confidently match those specifications has become more important than ever. Smart-Torq provides discrete one in-lb. increment settings to precisely match manufacturer’s torque specifications. Another great feature of the Smart-Torq is the well thought out ergonomics. With a driver handle that can be easily gripped with even smaller hands, driving fasteners and applying torque is very comfortable and easy and with the addition of Force-Assist, an extra leverage point is provided which allows the user to maintain alignment and vertical downward force while turning the tool along the horizontal axis.”

Unidirectional Clutch Extends Life

Smart-Torq also features a unidirectional toothed clutch. It allows the ability to back out screws and fasteners without tripping the torque clutch. The clutch also extends the life of the tool.

The Smart-Torq comes with a storage case, 11 bits and a square drive to utilize 1/4-inch sockets. Bits include T10, T15, T20, T25, 3mm Hex, 5/32 Hex, 7/64 Hex, 90-6 Flat, 38-4 Flat and 60-5 Flat.

“We paid a lot of attention to the details of this tool design and user interface,” said Dave Steiner, President, Real Avid. “You don’t need exceptional hand strength to tighten fasteners. It has rubber grip ridges and a jeweler’s spin top that allows the user to easily apply torque while applying downward pressure. We feel certain it will deliver an upgraded user experience as the first Master Grade tool in this category designed especially and exclusively for optics mounting and Gun DIY.”

Real Avid Smart-Torq Specs

  • Smart-Torque with a 10 to 70 in-lb. range
  • Ergonomic rubberized grip
  • Unidirectional toothed clutch
  • Force Assist handle/driver
  • Premium high-density foam core fabric storage case
  • Included bits: T10, T15, T20, T25, 3mm Hex, 5/32 Hex, 3/16 Hex, 7/64 Hex, 90-6 Flat, 38-4 Flat, 60-5 Flat
  • MSRP: $79.99

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