Riton Optics scope data is now part of the Strelok Pro ballistic calculator.

Riton Optics continues to remain a company on the rise. Quickly earning a reputation for delivering quality optics at an affordable price, it just garnered another measure of praise. The company’s riflescope lines have been added to the Strelok Pro Ballistic Calculator.

Strelok Pro Adds Riton Optics

For the uninitiated, a ballistic app provides an absolute game changer for shooters. Whether developing dope for a hunt, building a range card or stretching out for extreme long-range shooting, ballistic calculators provide a wealth of actionable data. Now Riton Optics joins Strelok, a top choice for long-range shooters.

The Strelok Pro Ballistic Calculator works in both Android and iOS platforms. You simply select optic and reticle combo, then input data to receive corrections. Custom data inputs include distance, wind speed and direction, slope angle, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and altitude. It also takes all ammunition data, both factory and handloads. Finally, users input barrel twist rate and more for best results.

“Being new to the shooting game can be overwhelming,” said Jeremiah Alexander, Director of Product Development, Riton Optics. “A good ballistics calculator is key in getting impacts where you want them and collecting data along the way. I’ve used no application more intuitive than Strelok Pro. Thanks to the Strelok and Riton partnership, I have been able to consistently shoot past two miles.”

For even more information about Strelok Pro, download the app to your device. For more info on the full line of Riton Optics, please visit ritonoptics.com.

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