The Rival Arms R-700 Precision Chassis fits short-action Remington 700 actions.

The Remington 700 remains one of the most popular platforms for building precision bolt guns. And with the continuing growing interest in long-range shooting comes the needs for more precision components. Now Rival Arms announces the release of its newest 700-based component, the R-700 Precision Chassis.

Rival Arms R-700 Precision Chassis

The R-700 accepts the Remington 700 short-action barreled action. CNC-machined from aluminum billet, it comes in three finishes. Options include Type III hardcoat anodized black, KG GunKote FDE and KG GunKote Satin Gray.

The R-700 accepts AR-15 grips and buffer tube-style buttstocks. This includes the Rival Arms ST-3X Precision Stock as well. It also works with any AR-15 stock using a 1-3/16-inch 16 Mil-Spec buffer tube. The system delivers tremendous versatility in the current market.

Precision inletting enables the R-700 to drop in for factory Remington 700 actions and aftermarket parts. The forend/barrel channel delivers a free-floated barrel. It works with all barrel contours up to one inch in diameter. Fourteen machined M-LOK slots deliver further versatility. The chassis also comes tapped with a sling swivel stud.

With so many systems based on the Remington 700, the new R-700 should work well for many upgrades and builds. The Rival Arms R-700 Precision Chassis retails for $381.99. For ore information, visit

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