Sonic Boom Targets

Sonic Boom reactive targets are made up of two agents that are mixed on site where you plan to shoot them (you need a federal permit to transport the two agents pre-mixed).

Once the two powder compounds are mixed, you just place the target at a safe distance downrange, per the instructions, and shoot it with a high-velocity rifle round like the .223 Remington. Your hit will be rewarded with a loud boom and a large white cloud of quickly expanding water vapor.

The company also makes a convenient pill-box-sized .22 LR target. You just mix the compounds and scoop them into the plastic pill boxes. These are easily affixed to a target and can be set off with any .22 LR rifle bullet traveling at least 1,000 fps.

The two compounds are completely inert separately and, even mixed, are very safe and cannot be set off without a solid, high-velocity bullet. They are also non-flammable and shockproof.

It should be noted that the explosive capacity is on par with dynamite.

For more information on Sonic Boom Targets, please visit or call 402-915-2160.

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